Project leaders

Our multitasking
team members

will guide the project
every step
of the way.

Media planning and trading informed by
data-backed insights.

We provide a comprehensive analysis of target insights by utilizing the extensive data and tools that are the pride of Dentsu Group. This is how we can propose effective communication strategies to solve problems and provide media planning and trading optimization.

Our guidance extends
to other integral areas,
such as creative and PR.

By analyzing insights, we identify steps to transform target attitudes. We can provide direction in a wide range of areas that are not limited to media but encompass creative, strategic planning, and PR.

High responsiveness
and flexible adjustment are made possible
by our multitasking professionals.

Our multitasking account executives have specialized knowledge of media. They can monitor the latest media sales information and offer multiple services quickly and flexibly.
Carefully curated teams with essential team members guide projects strategically.

Fluency in English for
communicating with
international businesses.

Our bilingual team members have extensive experience working in the international business sector. We have experience managing large-scale projects commissioned by global companies in Japan.

Core Skillsets of Multitasking Professionals

Basic Skillsets
Advanced Skillsets