We are a media 

We forge a path like no one else.
A path that connects companies with consumers.
That transcends conventional boundaries.
That takes the shortest possible distance to growth.

We focus on media as the touchpoint between advertising and consumers.
That and our unparalleled knowledge of target insights are what set us apart.
And how we achieve truly integrated solutions.

We are a media communication company.
We are Dentsu Runway.

dentsu runway

New Year's Message from the President

We are a communication 
with expertise in 
media and beyond.

Since its inception, Dentsu Runway has specialized in providing media-driven solutions. Our vast experience in the touchpoints that deliver messages from businesses to consumers has allowed us to acquire in-depth knowledge of what motivates people, understand their needs, and gain customer insights.

We are versatile, 
with various areas 
of specialization.

Client-facing professionals must truly know consumers to be effective. Therefore, Dentsu Runway’s account executives are well versed in different areas of specialization and multitask accordingly. Their function is not limited to typical account executive work. Rather, they take the lead in media strategy development, media trading, PR, and creative. Their role is all-encompassing.

Our teams are compact 
streamlined, offering 
flexibility, and 

Our team members are highly versatile and multispecialized, and teams are small by design. This is a smarter way of working. Each team member, at any given time, knows the exact project status, making the workflow smooth and efficient and eliminating the need for "back and forths." We are also very flexible and can easily respond and adapt to client requests and changes.

We have full access to 
Groups resources, 
which we use 
freely and 

This includes extensive data and analysis tools needed to accurately understand consumers—a wide-ranging network and resources inside and outside Japan and the assets of an independent media framework. As part of Dentsu Group, we can effectively utilize these resources to offer a broad range of solutions.

We are passionate about 
and are always 
up for a challenge.

Advertising, with its ability to inform and touch people’s hearts, is truly a rewarding job. Nothing makes us happier than knowing we have contributed to a client’s success and growth through advertising. To that end, we continue to innovate and come up with new solutions with no boundaries.
dentsu runway