Would you like to join the team
for a new challenge?

Dentsu Runway’s mission is to provide integrated solutions focusing on advertising communication.

Our ideal team is one in which members rely on each other’s strengths in a respectful, collaborative manner and passionately take on challenges as a group.

We are looking for colleagues who wish to enhance their skills with us and open up new possibilities for advertising.

Open positions

Dentsu Runway in Numbers

Last updated: January 1, 2023

Number of Employees
Average Age
38Years Old
Age Ratio
New Hire Ratio
New Graduates

Programs to support growth

We have programs in place to support your growth and help you advance.

Skill-building program

Acquire basic knowledge for advertising professionals
  • Training in industries and business models
  • Training in various types of media
  • Training in media planning and tools
  • Training in communication planning
  • And more
Gain essential legal knowledge for your work.
  • Legal training
  • Antimonopoly Act, Subcontract Act, Premiums and Representations Act, Personal Information Protection Act, Copyright Act,
  • etc.
Enhance fundamental business skills.
  • Business English conversation program
  • Skill-building support program
  • DX training program
  • Digital marketing program
  • Business trends review & analysis using our proprietary tools
  • And more

Paid time off (PTO) policy

PTO is determined on a fiscal calendar year basis.
PTO policy for FY2022

“Input” PTO

A leave system based on the expectation that providing rest (input) will result in higher-quality output (e.g., proposals).

Personal days PTO

You are entitled to leave for three or more consecutive days.

Training program

After joining the company, every new employee is trained by one or two current employees for about six months. They will support you with weekly one-on-one sessions to familiarize you with the new environment and your duties in a stress-free manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the selection process for mid-career hires, and how long does it take to get a tentative job offer?
The selection process is generally as follows: Application → document screening → selection (2–3 times) → tentative job offer (job interview).
Candidates progressing to the final selection stage will be asked to take an online aptitude test.
The process from application to tentative job offer should take one and a half to two months.
Can the timing of a mid-career hire be adjusted?
We expect your resignation from your current employment to be amicable. Please discuss this during your job offer meeting.
Is there a chance of intracompany transfer?
At present, the Tokyo headquarters is our only office. We may offer intracompany transfers in the future.
What terms and conditions do you offer?
This will be determined according to the company’s standards based on a comprehensive assessment of your experience, skills, etc.
Will my application documents be returned to me?
Unfortunately, the submitted documents will not be returned. They will be appropriately handled and disposed of in compliance with our company’s policy.